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VeryDOC Screenshot OCRis a useful tool to capture the screenshot and recognize the characters in the captured image
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17 January 2012

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This is a software tool that helps recognize characters in a screenshot.

Screenshot OCR is a tool to capture a screenshot and recognize the characters in the captured image area. This tool can recognize characters in multiple languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, Basque and so on. The software will run in all Windows 2000 or later, both 32bit and 64 bit versions. The tool will help you download the required language version, as needed. The tool will let you select a rectangular area that can be acquired as a screenshot and the characters in the area will be converted with one click. The “history” feature available lets you go over the text that has been recognized before. The opening screen offers you a very simple GUI with three options/buttons. One is the “capture” button, the next one is “history” and then the standard “about” button. There is a drop down list that lets you choose the language.

When you left click and draw a rectangle, it defines the area to be captured. Then hit "Esc" button on the keyboard or right click the mouse to complete capturing and click "OCR" button below the rectangle area. A preview area shows you what was actually captured. To help viewing these properly, several controls appear above the area. These let you zoom in, zoom out, rotate, reverse, etc. The recognized characters appear on the right of the preview area and can be saved as text. As recognition success rate depend on many factors, it would make good sense to try out this solution in exact conditions of your workflow. If it fits, it is a good solution for this kind of recognition work.

Publisher's description

VeryDOC Screenshot OCR can recognize many kinds of different languages with the best OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology in the market.Screenshot OCR also supports to download the languages packages online according to your needs.
Key features of Screenshot OCR:
1.Run in all the windows systems both on 32 bit and 64 bit.
2.Turn screenshots into editable text.
3.Read screen characters in multiple languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, etc.
4.Great history function to allow you look back the texts you have made.
5.Able to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, reverse, etc. to see different image effects.
6.Fast OCR with one click. (Just select an area on screen and click "OCR" button, that's enough).
Screenshot OCR
Screenshot OCR
Version v2.0
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